Waterproof & anti stain product
for fabrics, textile


TexGuard protects and waterproofs.

TexGuard is a textile waterproofing , it wraps each fiber of a protective film

The supports are treated on the surface and at depth. The effectiveness of this protection allows the fabrics, even the most fragile, to resist stains and dirt. The liquids pear at the surface, the dust does not catch any more. Do not wait any longer ! Try the preferred textile waterproofing professionals.


Invisible protection

A new look kept longer

TexGuard does not modify the flammability of the fabrics and is compatible with flame retardant treatments (confirmed by tests carried out by civil aviation).
TexGuard does not modify the colors, but the colors stay alive longer. Textiles do not undergo any alteration, shrinkage or change of appearance.

A much faster, easier maintenance …

… and for all fabrics

Fruit, wine, beer, sodas, coffee, tea, oil, milk, chocolate, ketchup, ice cream, yoghurt, fruit … by limiting the penetration of liquids or fats, TexGuard treatment facilitates cleaning in case of accidental spots.

TexGuard is recommended to treat: sofas and seats (textiles, leather, suede), outdoor seats, carpets, curtains, bedclothes, tablecloths, shades, blinds, umbrellas, clothes, city and sport shoes, leather accessories And suede, car interior, etc.



Easy to use aerosol, ideal for your 2 seater sofa, your cushions, small carpets, car seats …
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TexGuard Protéger et impermeabiliser & Canapé, Tapis, moquettes… tous vos textiles



Protect the whole house, the 5 liter TexGuard can waterproof all textiles …

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An anti-stain treatment tested by laboratories.

TexGuard has successfully passed all benchmark tests and meets national and international standards.

Standard Spray Test (AATCC Test Method) . The method of this test consists in measuring the impermeability of a fabric to water. Water is poured onto the fabric in a frame, the result is compared to the photos of international standards. TexGuard treated fabric achieves 100% hydrophobicity, corresponding to 100 (ISO 5). Thus without modifying the appearance of the fiber, TexGuard proves its perfect resistance to water and watery stains.

Hydrocarbon Resistance Test (AATCC Test Method) . This method makes it possible to test the resistance of fibers to the penetration of 8 oils of increasingly penetrating properties. Each oil corresponds to a grade ranging from 1 to 8. The Texguard treatment obtains on this scale an efficiency between 4 and 6 grades. Given that cooking oils do not exceed grade 2, we can guarantee the effectiveness of TexGuard on oily stains and oil resistance.