TexGuard Fort Trafic


TexGuard FT – Waterproof, anti-stain, heavy duty

The TexGuard FT formula is reinforced for more frequent use on textiles subjected to high abrasion

The TexGuard Fort Trafic treatment is applicable to all textiles, natural and synthetic, it improves the resistance without changing its appearance or texture. Flame retardant surface treatments retain their properties.


TexGuard FT – The new look is preserved

The treatment does not modify the colors, the colors stay alive longer. The textiles do not undergo any alteration and do not shrink. By limiting the penetration of liquids or fats (fruit, wine, sodas, coffee, tea, ice …) the treatment facilitates the cleaning in case of accidental spots. Maintenance is easier and faster. After cleaning TexGuard Fort Traffic remains active for a long time.

TexGuard FT – The essential product recommended by all professionals

TexGuard Fort Trafic est recommandé pour traiter : moquettes et tapis, sièges, mobiliers de jardin, stores bannes pour terrasse… Tous les textiles en collectivité : hôtels, restaurants, théâtres, cinémas, salles d’attente, avions, etc. TexGuard Fort Trafic permet également de réimperméabiliser: vêtements de pluie, combinaisons de ski, etc

Texguard Fort Trafic

Anti-spots high traffic textile 5 Liters

Thanks to this waterproofing textile and floor covering will be protected, their maintenance will be facilitated and their aging delayed.
TexGuard FT protects textiles subject to heavy traffic or heavy use, against moisture and stains.
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