Protect and waterproof all your fabrics and leathers sofa, carpets, carpets, household linen, accessories …

The reference in anti-stain treatment is used by most professionals in the furnishing and decoration to protect carpets, curtains and draperies, sofas, armchairs covered with leather, alcantara and all other fabrics without altering or modifying their aspect.

Protect your textiles

Clean all stains on all your fabrics: curtain, carpet, cushion, car seat, …

TexClean eliminates all even the most fat stains of fabrics, carpets, carpets, car seats and linen … Product used by professionals, it is also adopted by individuals

Clean your fabrics

Waterproofing product , anti-fouling, odorless and invisible.

TexGuard waterproofs jackets or coats made of leather or wool, carpets or carpets (wool or sisal) sofas and armchairs, giving them exceptional resistance to friction.

An anti-stain treatment tested by laboratories.

TexGuard has successfully passed all benchmark tests and meets national and international standards.

Recommended by professionals

TexGuard is the reference in stain-resistant treatment. It is used by most furniture and decoration professionals to protect carpets, rugs, curtains, drapes, sofas, armchairs covered with leather, Alcantara and all other fabrics, without altering or modifying their appearance.

A new look for life

TexGuard does not modify the colors, but the colors stay alive longer. Textiles do not undergo any alteration, shrinkage or change of appearance.

Our products


TexGuard is a waterproofing agent, it wraps each fiber of a protective film on the surface and in depth.
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TexGuard Fort Trafic

TexGuard FT is an anti-stain waterproofing with exceptional abrasion resistance
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TexClean is an ultra concentrated stain remover for fabrics, carpets, carpets, car seats, linen …
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Recommended by professionals Used by all

TexGuard and TexClean are products for professionals and individuals
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Craftsmen
  • Individuals

Manufacturers of seats & carpets

Are you a manufacturer of seats or carpets and want to add value to your products? The TexGuard treatment offers you a 5-year anti-stain solution, easily applicable to all or part of your production

Interior Design store and shop

You are buyer / representative / manager of a store or a decoration shop and you want to offer a new service to your customers? With the TexGuard product, bring a 5 year anti-stain solution easily applicable to all or part of your seats, carpets, carpets, etc.

Becoming an Applicator / Distributor

You are a craftsman, upholsterer, you want to add value to your business, specialize in a new technology, or increase your customer portfolio? Become a certified TexGuard spray-proofer, waterproofer, benefit from pricing and offer a 5-year warranty to your customers.

Devenir applicateur / distributeur

Guard Industrie – TexGuard products are recommended by professionals for all individuals

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